Friday, November 13, 2009

Princess Belle Doll Cake

I know I haven’t been updating for a long long time. Dah naik bersawang blog ni dan banyak pics yang tertangguh, going to upload them one by one. Sorry ye.

yasmin wants to surprised her daughter sofiyah with a princess belle doll cake. Since sofiyah will be wearing princess belle’s costume dress, yasmin wants the doll cake to look very much alike the real belle. the doll cake stands on a round cake yang plainly decorated seperti permintaan yasmin.
tried my best to style the doll's hair macam belle

Walaupun yasmin placed her order just 3 days before the birthday, I tried my best to make her daughter’s dream come true. Malangnya masa yasmin placed her order I don’t have dark haired doll in stock. Yasmin insisted on a brunette, merata mencari dark haired doll akhirnya, the day before deliver cake ni barulah berjumpa dengan dark haired doll. Now looking back at the photos barulah kufaham belle berambut kuning takkan serupa dengan belle berambut dark brown! And look at the picture collage of sofiyah with her cake yang yasmin email me, sofiyah look sebiji macam belle... cute.

In her email yasmin said ... “A Dream come true for my 'Lil Princess. Million thanks 2u Sharifah.. here’s her pix to share with u …Thanks again…”

I’m glad for once again the sight of my cake brought a smile to the birthday girl.