Sunday, July 18, 2010

Garden Theme Cuppies

these 16pcs cuppies were ordered by puan nolie for her son's birthday. nak celebrate di tadika katanya. this set were accompanied by the toy story cuppies set that i posted earlier.

these bees and ladybirds are just so cute!

nak cuppies comel macam ni? place your order now via email or sms.

Toy Story 3 Cuppies

toy story 3 themed cuppies for uzair who celebrates his 4th birthday in july.

Double Thomas Tank Engine Cake

akma from desa subang permai minta saya buatkan 2 biji kek yang both dihias dengan muka thomas the tank engine quite similar to ammar's cake tempohari. the cakes were for her nephew faiz, 7 and raziq,3. since dua2 pun gambar thomas, akma minta supaya dekorasi tidak terlalu identical. 1kg vanilla butter cake
1kg choc moist cake

More Delayed updates

choc moist cuppies in chocolate buttercream ni ayu yang punya. she ordered this 16pcs S size cuppies untuk makan-makan with her children. this order comes together with 1 kg vanilla butter cake below given away to the teachers kat sekolah her son for teacher's day celebration in may. my goodness sangatlah ketinggalan zaman saya ni. so sorry for the delay, ayu. anyway cakes pun dah selamat ;-)
nama-nama teacher ditulis dalam tulisan jawi. berkarat my jawi kena brush up balik for this cake hehe. deko simple je.

this one pun i miss out from my may updates. ordered by azizah rasanya, hubby's mate di tnb for anak saudaranya yang weds in may. the bride & grooms initial coincide dengan jenama fraser & neave so azizah minta the initials ditulis as such atas cake. saja mengusik :-)

Red Ferrari For Hakeem

1kg choc moist cake covered with choc ganache. mama haqeem, liza request kek dihias red ferrari. i know i know the ferrari tak berapa menjadi, the logo pulak yang nampak outstanding. hopefully with more practice i can improve.
16pcs S size peanut butter cuppies disalut choc ganache & buttercream swirl. ringkas aja permintaan liza. i heard the guests enjoyed the cakes a lot! tqvm.

pic choc moist cake fully covered in choc ganache ordered by azrin bulan lepas for father's day celebration. the cake was ordered together dengan doll cake for arianna's birthday but this pic tercicir from my june's update. sorry ;-)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Football Fever

izzat zikry turns 10. amy ordered this 1.5kg choc moist cake for her son who happens to be peminat setia Chelsea & Man U. the logos were hand drawn. :-)

So Long ... Farewell

ordered by Fauziah from kuarters TUDM subang. 1kg choc moist cake covered in full ganache, freestyle deco