Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cookie Monster

cookie monster cuppies for hubby's friend
guna paperliner biasa due to inavailability of M size souffle cup

Carrot Walnut

basketweave carrot walnut in cream cheese icing for tnb staff
16pcs S size

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Disney Princess in Choc Ganache

size 7inch
deco - edible icing disney princess
icing - layered with ganache and ganache frosting all over
price - please ask for quotation

Fondant Cake

suitable for hantaran
deco - fondant icing, fondant roses
size - 8 inch
price RM150

Friday, May 15, 2009

Very Nutty... Again In Peanut Buttercream

for teacher's day
very nutty this time around topped with peanut buttercream ... the result is very rich nutty flavour

Carrot Walnut Whole Cake

7inch Carrot Walnut whole cake for teacher's day
layered and frosted with cream cheese icing

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Kids Birthday Cake - BEN10

7in birthday cake with edible image
frosting - buttercream

advance order of at least 2 weeks required as confirmation on the image to be use may take a few days or longer.
alternatively, if you have your own image you can email it to images must be sharp, otherwise you will get blurry and faded output. if you don't have any of your own preference, just cakes will use our available resources to source for the best image and email it to you for your own selection.

just cakes will not be held responsible for inferior quality images which is not within our control.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Very Nutty - Specialty Cupcakes Collection

Very Nutty is basically peanut butter chocolate flavour from Just Cakes Specialty Cupcakes Collection specially add in our collection for nutty lovers. You can choose your topping from buttercream to ganache. This one in the pics topped with ganache, buttercream swirl, roasted walnut and drizzled with caramel. If you're looking for rich peanut butter flavours, peanut buttercream can be arrange.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Just Cakes Announcement

Announcing the opening of our new online bakery, Just Cakes. Just Cakes accept orders for cupcakes for all occasion be it birthday party, anniversary, wedding, farewell, housewarming etc. At Just Cakes you don't need a reason to take a bite at our cupcakes. Whenever you feel like indulging in comfort food even if it is for your tea time or entertaining friends at home, just give us a call/sms/email to place your order. InsyaAllah we will not disappoint you. For more details of product, you may browse our cupcake blog Place your order by emailing us at or sms us at 012-2168424.

Just Cakes birth was contributed by my passion for baking. In the initial set up of Just Cakes you may find limited choice of cakes and flavour as I am very particular about the quality of cakes offered by Just Cakes. The choice of cakes offered are from my collection of best recipes, made using finest ingredients, tested and proven to be a keepsake.

Choose from our Ordinary Cupcakes Collection or Specialty Cupcakes Collection below:

Ordinary Cupcakes Collection

Vanilla & Chocolate

Specialty Cupcakes Collection

Carrot Walnut (carrot/walnut bits/raisin)
Green Tea Surprise (green tea flavour)
Very Nutty (peanut butter flavour)

carrot walnut best served with cream cheese frosting, however you may opt for a change. same price if change to buttercream icing
very nutty best served with choc ganache and/or peanut buttercream, just my 2cents

Note: I'm using buttercream recipe from Wilton to iced all my cakes. Wilton's buttercream is very stiff and very very sweet. Many may not accustom and/or tolerate its sweetness. Despite its sweetness, wilton's buttercream is the most suitable cream used for frosting especially for Malaysian weather as it can stand humidity thus it won't easily melt and save you space in the fridge as you don't need to keep them cool to avoid from melting. Wilton's buttercream is always my first choice.

However, if you prefer the cream less sweet, Just Cakes shall endeavour to use sugar icing in moderation, but be warn that the decorations may not be firmer.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Green Tea Cupcakes

cupcake flavour - green tea
colourful gerberas and other flowers